Lola and Finn's Mum

Lola and Finn's Mum

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Move over Ben and Jerry, here comes Lola and Finn('s mum)! Banana and Coconut and Morello Cherry Ice Cream

Actually, Ben and Jerry are quite safe as I haven't thought of suitably witty names to name my ice creams just yet, but I have really enjoyed making ice cream over the last couple of weeks when the Brits have had their summer (same time next year folks!!) and when people have said to me "You should open a cake shop!" and I have shaken my head because the thoughts of baking as a job makes me ill, but the thoughts of having an ice cream shop with alsorts of amazing flavours actually does kind of appeal. The only things I can see going wrong are my complete lack of business acumen and the fact I wouldn't be able to resist the odd cornet here or there...or everywhere.
Phill bought me an ice cream maker yonks ago and it has been used on occasion. I recall a pretty successful Bailey's ice cream which I may have to revisit in the near future, a chocolate ice cream and a raspberry ice cream amidst lots and lots and lots of vanilla ice cream. I have to say though, it might have just been vanilla, but it was pretty good, with pleasing speckles of vanilla and an instant luxurious cooling melt once it was in your mouth. A fine eating experience.
Anyway, to move this on, I happened upon a recipe in Allysa Tovey's Magnolia at Home which was for a banana and toasted pecan ice cream which was made, not with a custard base, but with a base of double cream and condensed milk. Now, custard can be a nervy business and it is something which needs to be nurtured and doted upon whilst it transforms from pale, thin, cream and yolk to unctuous  custard. I am also impatient and waiting for what feels like an age for the custard to cool down before it can be churned. Here, there is no waiting game, just take from the fridge, mix and add flavourings. And churn. and freeze.
I didn't have any pecans so I subbed sweetened shredded coconut and it worked well. It gave a pleasing texture to the ice cream and banana and coconut definitely go together. It's official! My second ice cream was a throwback to the time when I discovered cherry ice cream and my whole ice cream world was revolutionised. No longer would I be excited by a Cornetto, a double scoop of cherry ice cream on a hot day in Anglesey was where it was at. I don't know whether what I created was as good as the first one I ever tasted, for there were many other variables at work that day, but the result was pretty pleasant and with the addition of a chocolate flake, Mr Whippy stylee, was actually really lovely.
Anyway, who would have thought that ice cream would make me so chatty? Here are the recipes:
Banana and Coconut Ice Cream adapted from 'Magnolia at Home' by Allysa Tovey.
My adaptions in red
Makes 1 quart (whatever that is - let's say about a litre!)
American recipe and therefore measured in cups
1 cup mashed very ripe bananas (about two medium bananas for me)
1 14 ounce can of sweetened condensed milk (that is a 397g tin)
3/4 cup double cream
1 cup of sweetened shredded coconut
a pinch of salt to taste

Put condensed milk in fridge.
Mash the bananas.
Pour the cream and the condensed milk into your ice cream machine
Add the banana mixtured and the coconut
Begin to churn, but just before putting the lid on, taste the mixture and add a little salt to bring out the flavours of banana and coconut.
Churn according to the instructions of your particular ice cream maker. I allowed mine to churn for quite a bit really, 45 minutes maybe.
Pour the half frozen mixture into a suitable tub and place in the freezer until frozen.
Morello Cherry Ice Cream
Makes about a litre
A 454g jar of pitted Morello cherries in their liquor
a splash of kirsch (optional)
a little salt to taste
300ml double cream
1 tin of sweetened condensed milk.
Pour the cherries into a sieve over a bowl. You want the cherries drained and to reserve the liquor.
Put the liquor into a saucepan. Add a splosh of kirsch and reduce the liquid by about half/two thirds. You are looking for something that tastes quite intense and is a little syrupy. When reduced, take off the heat and leave to cool.
Combine the cream and the condensed milk in a bowl. Add the cherries (see note below) and mix. Taste. It will probably taste of condensed milk still. Add the cherry liquid, little by little, tasting after each addition. You might want to add a little salt to bring out the cherry flavour. You're looking for something that tastes reasonably intense as the flavour diminishes when the mixture is frozen.
Once you are happy with the mixture, pour into the ice cream maker and churn according to the instructions.
Pour the semi frozen mixture into a suitable tub. Place in the freezer until frozen.
Note: cherries. I never thought about the freezing of whole cherries and it might not be to your taste, in which case chop the cherries up before adding them to the cream and milk. Actually though, I really enjoyed the slightly sour, cold, fresh fruity taste slowly warming against the sweet creamy ice cream.


  1. Two marvelous flavors, Stella. Thanks for inspiring me to dust off my ice cream maker :)

  2. OH wow! This is so inviting & YUMMY! I LOVE cherry ice cream , thanks for sharing this delicious recipe ! YUM! ;)


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