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Lola and Finn's Mum

Monday, 12 August 2013

Almost Alliterative - Pasta with Pancetta, Peppers and Parsley

So, I am making it my business to look for meals that are quick to whip up in time for the new school term when I transform from part time to full time teacher once again. I have to say I am little concerned about how I am going to fit it all in, including the upkeep of this blog, but that is all in the future and miraculously, I may stumble upon some sort of efficient routine that allows me to do everything, domestic goddess style.
Talking of domestic goddesses, here is another Nigella recipe for this month's 'Cook like a Star' hosted by Zoe at Bake for Happy Kids, Joyce from Kitchen Flavours and Anuja from Simple Baking.  Normally, I wouldn't post one particular 'star' so regularly but as the rest of August will be taken up by a little trip to France (can't wait!!) I thought I would take the opportunity.
This recipe is from 'Kitchen'. the sharp eyed amongst you will notice that all recent Nigella offerings have been from this book. I do have others, but this just seems to be the one that is in fashion for now. But the important thing is that it tastes good, is quick, is colourful and everybody liked it!
Pasta with Pancetta, Peppers and Parsley, adapted from 'Kitchen' by Nigella Lawson
Serves 4 (quantities doubled from the recipe in the book)
My adaptions in red
1 lb (450 g) spaghetti (I used trofie pasta) 1 tablespoon olive oil
11 oz (300 g) pancetta cubes or streaky bacon
3 cloves garlic, chopped
1 teaspoon dried chilli flakes (optional)
zest and juice of 2 lemons
1/4 cup (60 ml) cold water
about 14 oz (400 g) (drained weight) roasted peppers from a jar, chopped into bite-sized pieces (I used a couple of handfuls of frozen roasted peppers, which were perfectly fine) 1 large bunch of parsley, chopped
salt and freshly ground black pepper
Cook the pasta in a large pot of boiling salted water according to the packet instructions.
Meanwhile, heat the oil over a medium heat in a heavy-based pan, one that’s big enough to eventually add all the cooked pasta to later.
If you’re using regular bacon, chop it into bite-sized pieces first. Fry the pancetta or bacon until crisp, then add the garlic, dried chilli, lemon zest and juice and the water. Cook for 1 minute, then add the peppers and half the chopped parsley.
When the pasta has finished cooking, reserve 2 cups (480 ml) of pasta water (I didn't use or need as much water as this, probably only a few tablespoons to slacken the sauce a little), then drain. Add the pasta to the sauce in the pan.
Toss everything together well and add some of the pasta cooking water if it needs it, then season to taste and sprinkle with the remaining parsley.


  1. Hi Stella,

    Are back working full-time? It must be tough juggling with kids, home and work... with blogging??? I can understand the sort of pressure that you are going through.

    Quick and fast dish are always good. Nice that you can blog about it too :D


  2. This looks delicious! My kids would love this pasta dish, especially since it has bacon! :)
    Nigella Kitchen is my favourite Nigella book! I can see why you keep coming back to this book.
    Hope everything works out smoothly the way you want to, when school reopens! Have a good fun trip to France, how lovely!
    Thanks for linking!

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