Lola and Finn's Mum

Lola and Finn's Mum

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Angel Delight - not just for pretty sundae glasses! Angel Delight 'Cheesecakes'.

Angel Delight. I must have eaten gallons of it when I was a kid. I wasn't fussy about which flavour - I just used to love the way that within minutes there was something to eat that sweetened the mouth after having my tea - I suspect that my mum loved it as much as me, as it was a quick and economical way of putting something on the table for us all to enjoy.

And, as it goes, things haven't changed. I know it's nice to make everything from scratch but you know, sometimes it doesn't happen that way, and that's okay because Lola and Finn adore Angel Delight, so I find myself, like my mum used to, whipping up a pack of Angel Delight to sate the sweet cravings of my bubs once dinner is over, secure in the knowledge that it is made using only natural colourings and is suitable for vegetarians.

However, Angel Delight does not just end at the bottom of a pretty sundae glass. In one of my more creative moments (it does still happen...) I decided to experiment with the versatility of the Bubblegum flavour, as stocked by Tesco's, and make something resembling a cheesecake, minus the cheese of course, but with the cakey biscuit base. Using moulds, I melted some butter whilst getting rid of any pent up anger by smashing up some digestive biscuits with a rolling pin. Once butter and biscuits were mixed, I whipped up a packet of bubblegum Angel Delight, following the instructions on the packet, and then poured it into the mould, on top of the biscuit base. A couple of hours in the fridge to firm everything up and a scattering of hundreds and thousands later, and there it was, a pretty little dessert which Lola and Finn (and dad and me, actually) devoured.

It was like being a kid all over again.

Angel Delight 'Cheesecakes'

Serves Lola, Finn, Mum and Dad.


8 sweet digestive biscuits
50g melted unsalted butter
One pack of Bubblegum Angel Delight, made up using the packet instructions
Hundreds and thousands, or decorations of your choice.

I also used four circular moulds.


Melt the butter and crumble the digestive biscuits until they resemble coarse breadcrumbs.

Mix the melted butter and the biscuits together to make kind of paste.

Put your moulds on the a flat surface that you can transfer into the fridge; a plate would do.

Put some of the biscuit mixture into the moulds and press it down so that it forms a base.

Mix up the Angel Delight until it becomes quite thick.

Spoon the mixture into the moulds. (If your mixture is still similar to 'pouring' consistency then you need to mix further).

Flatten the tops using the back of a teaspoon and place into the fridge for a couple of hours.

When ready to serve, scatter some hundreds and thousands on top of the Angel Delight mixture and then run a sharp knife around the inside of the mould to release the biscuit base. A quick wobble of the mould should see the whole thing drop out of the mould and on to the plate.

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  1. These look lovely and seem easy enough to make - I'm going to give them a go one night after school x

  2. Such a pretty dessert. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  3. Great idea. To be honest I didn't even know that it was still possible to buy the AD product. I obviously just don't go down the right aisles in the supermarket. I think AD might have been the first food prep I ever did. My mother used to leave a packet on the table and I sorted it out for myself.


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