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Lola and Finn's Mum

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

A Trifle Late for Christmas, but maybe it will do next time around!! Baileys and Banana Trifle

Of course, if I was any good, I  would have made this from scratch, but considering I am not on Bake Off or Masterchef or something, and I am, in fact, a frazzled mother of two who wanted to do more than she had time to, this trifle is 'assembled', but honestly, it is not the worst for it. It is, frankly, scrumptious and I don't care that I didn't make it. It saved the day when I realised that my plan to have a trifle on my Christmas buffet was seriously not going to happen in time. Forgetting to start the night before was the reason everything went to pot. I should start to leave myself lists everywhere so I have a fighting chance of being organised.
So, all of the ingredients I got at the supermarket. The exertion on my part consisted of whipping the cream (by proxy, of course; out came the trusty Kenwood), peeling a couple of bananas, opening a tin of conny onny (Carnation) caramel and locating the Baileys in the drinks' cupboard. A quick assembly job and a grating of chocolate over the top and you are good to go. And your guests will be extraordinarily grateful for, I repeat, this is scrumptious!!
The original recipe is from the BBC Good Food website. I made a 'super trifle' and instead of serving them in individual glasses, I made one big affair for people to take as little or as much as they want. One must never be stingy with trifle. I also used whipped double cream instead of extra thick because I wanted something pliable enough to pipe, and they had none left in the supermarket. Grrrrr. I also, because it was a big trifle dish, upped the quantity of cream, caramel and brownies, because you cannot have enough of any of those if you ask me!
Bailey's and Banana Trifle, adapted from BBC Good Food Website
600ml double cream, whipped to a stiff peak
7 tbsp Baileys
400g chocolate brownies (I got the ones that you can often get from in store bakeries)
3 bananas, sliced
500g pot vanilla custard
one tin of carnation caramel (or dulce de leche)
50g chocolate, grated
Whip the cream with 1 tbsp Baileys, and set aside.
In a pretty trifle bowl, place the brownies, broken up if need's be. Drizzle with the remaining tbsps. of Baileys.
Top with the sliced bananas, custard, caramel sauce and Baileys cream. (I decided to pipe the cream over the top... you don't have to!)
When ready to serve, grate chocolate over the top.
Can be made a few hours ahead

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  1. It may not be Christmas but this would be just fine right now. Also, if I use up all the Baileys before next Christmas then the neighbours won't be able to come round and make me strange cocktails with rude names to give me some Christmas cheer (apparently). That would be a blessing.


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