Lola and Finn's Mum

Lola and Finn's Mum

Monday, 7 November 2011

Scouse - but not necessarily 'yer ma's'...

...and I use that this disclaimer because everybody's version of this Liverpool stew is different. They might have some similarities, but they'll be those here who will be horrified at the inclusion of no beef (which I can't understand; it's always been a scrag end of lamb dish for me) and the fact that I have used stock instead of good old corpy lemmo (= corporation lemonade = water, to the uninitiated) but the premise of this stew is that it is food to feed the masses, to fill you up and to be cooked on a budget with whatever you have to hand. It's feel good, comfort food. Honest and uncomplicated, if you will.

Obligatory accompaniments: Crusty bread and butter, and red cabbage.


Ingredients (which can be varied to suit...)

A couple of tbsp of oil
Some diced lamb (I used two lamb necks, probably about 600g worth)
Three tablespoons of seasoned flour
Two onions, sliced
Three carrots, cut into medium chunks
Half a swede, diced into smallish pieces
Potatoes - I used about a kilo, peeled, chopped into mostly medium chunks, but some smaller ones (to thicken the stew as those potatoes 'fall' when cooked
800 ml lamb stock
A few drops of Worcestershire sauce
Herbs - I used thyme and parsley
Salt and freshly ground pepper


Coat the lamb in the flour and brown off in batches in a suitable pot. Remove to a plate.

Add onions and cook through until translucent

Return the lamb to the pot.

Add the carrots, swede, potatoes and thyme. Mix everything together. Cook over a gentle heat for a couple of minutes.

Add the Worcestershire sauce, then add the hot lamb stock. It should just cover the ingredients.
Either place the stew in the oven, at 180c for a couple of hours, checking from time to time, or cook on the hob, covered, over a gentle heat for a couple of hours, but keep checking to make sure the stew does not boil dry.

Check seasoning. Sprinkle with the remaining parsley.

Serve with the accompaniments I suggest.


Thank you for taking the time to drop by!


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